For use so-called "cookies" and to store your IP address

When you visit the website Perin Trucks relies a so-called "cookies".

What are "cookies"?
Cookies are small text files passive that accepts your web browser first visit our website and stores on your computer. These text files are useful in the analysis of network traffic, identify recurring visitors and make your visits to our website more enjoyable and personal. There are NO personal data Saved. Through the use of cookies, we can not access your hard drive or other personal information that you voluntarily provide not available.

What kind of "cookies" are used?
We use so-called "third-party cookies" (third-party cookies) to collect data traffic on our website.
Among other things we can with the help of cookies lead a virtual shopping cart for you. We also use cookies to your individual settings, such as those of you ge-elected national language, save, so you do not have to make whenever you visit these settings. We store the following information in encrypted form on cookies set by us: an anonymous identifier of your computer and the settings you made on our site. Information will be used solely for the purposes of statistical analysis.

The use of cookies
Use of our online services is also possible without cookies. Most browsers are initially set up to accept cookies automatically. You can reset your browser if you wish but also adjust so that it will refuse cookies. We would like to remind you that you may at our blocking function-related cookies - and can only use others- sites. How you can manage your cookie settings depends on your browser. There are online tutorials on how these settings can be changed. Some of our visitors will find the following link helpful.

Further, we use a number of other automatically transmitted technical information, such as Your IP address. Your IP address is a user-specific stored only during the checkout process to protect against fraud and deleted after expiration of the relevant legal retention periods.

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